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1. Do Hungarian citizens need visa to enter Singapore?

With effect from 1st November 2008 citizens of EU member-countries can spend 90 days in Singapore visa-free, but in possession of hotel accomodation for the intended period of stay in Singapore and a confirmed onward/return air ticket. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months reckoned from the border crossing date.

2. Can the 90-day visit pass be extended?

For a stay exceeding the 90 day period a social visit pass, or professional visit pass (for visiting professors, scientists, artists, journalists) or student pass may be applied for. Family members can apply for "dependant's pass" For the long term stay the applicant has to submit a local sponsor' s statement. The local sponsor must be of Singapore citizen / Singapore Permanent Resident / Singapore-Registered company. Some applicants may be requested to furnish a security deposit, too.

3. How can I get work permit?

If you intend to stay in Singapore for a longer period of time for the purpose of working you have to obtain an "employment pass" from the Ministry of Manpower. Holders of residence permit for other reasons are not allowed to take a job in Singapore. Illegal working comes under the penalty of the law! When applying for the employment pass you have to submit also the contract of employment and the statement of undertaking issued by your employer. For all information about taking job, please visit the website of the Ministry of Manpower.
The Consulate does not deal with job-hunting.

4. Do I need any vaccination to enter Singapore?

If within 6 days preceding your entry into Singapore you visited or passed through any country where certain diseases (e.g. yellow fever, malaria or cholera) are prevalent, you must present the necessary valid vaccination certificates.

5. How about the public security in Singapore?

Not only in Asia, but all over the world Singapore is considered as one of the safest countries. The public safety and security is definitely good. Beside the basically safe conditions there is strict discipline and order. A large amount of penalty (500-1000 Singapore dollar - coming to abt. USD 300-600) is to be paid by those smoking elsewhere than the approved smoking rooms/corners, by those leaving waste about, and by the persons causing several kinds of public indignation. The Singaporean jurisdiction still applies the cudgelling remained from the British colonial times.

6. What kind of goods are not allowed to be brought into Singapore?

It is strictly prohibited to bring drugs into Singapore (trade with drugs are punished with death!).

It is NOT allowed to bring the following items into Singapore:

It is an offence if you attempt to bring any of the items listed above into Singapore!

The following items are dutiable goods in Singapore:

For more information please visit the website of Singapore Customs www.customs.gov.sg

7. Who need a visa to Singapore?

Please check here: Visa

8. When can I submit the visa application?

The visa application can be submitted 30 days before travel into Singapore.

9. What are needed for visa applications?

To be sent by e-mail to the Consulate:

  1. residence permit
  2. copy of passport
  3. a wholly completed and signed application form FORM 14A (Application for a visa)
  4. one recent passport-sized colour photograph (400x514 pixel in jpeg form)
  5. hotel confirmation
  6. air ticket print
  7. contact phone number
  8. in case of travelling by a tourist office - the relevant travel certificate of the tourist office

The visa application fee is EUR 22, which must be transferred to the following bank account at the time of application:

10. Can I bring my pet into Singapore?

Yes, but all pets are required to undergo a min. 30 day quarantine upon arrival. Before your entry to Singapore you must obtain Official Veterinary Certificate.

For more information please visit www.petmovers.com.sg, for the required forms and for import permit please visit the website of "Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore" www.ava.gov.sg

11. May I bring in my personal medications when visiting Singapore?

If you need to bring in medicines for your physical well-being, you must possess your family doctor's or physician's prescription certifying so. For more information please enquire from the Health Sciences Authority at www.hsa.gov.sg

12. I am pregnant, do I need a doctor's certificate?

If your pregnancy turned the 30th week, you must apply for an entry permit on the basis of your doctor's certificate. Even some of the airlines refuse to travel a pregnant after the 36th week.

13. Is Singapore Airlines represented in Hungary?

Singapore Airlines (Tensi Aviation Ltd) in Budapest:
1023 Budapest Komjádi B. street 1.
Phone: +36 1 345 1570